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The website will help you target the right people and develop the right partnerships to grow your OTC/consumer healthcare business at the global, regional and local level.

SourceOTC showcases OTC/consumer healthcare business opportunities ranging from products and technology through to brands and companies. And to make your life easier, SourceOTC focuses on OTC/consumer healthcare - no more, no less. So if you want to in-license, out-license, buy or sell OTC/consumer healthcare business opportunities, then SourceOTC is the solution.

You can post your OTC/consumer healthcare business opportunities, advertise your services or target the right people.

Post your business opportunity

You can post one BASIC OTC/consumer healthcare business opportunity on the SourceOTC website free of all charges for a year. A basic posting consists of your contact details, the Title of the business opportunity, and up to 100 words in total in the Overview, Detailed Information and Collaboration Sought sections of the posting.

For a fee, you can post COMPREHENSIVE OTC/consumer healthcare business opportunities. A comprehensive posting comprises your contact details, the Title of the business opportunity, up to 100 words in the Overview section of the posting, and up to 1,000 words in the Detailed Information section.

Three standard packages are available for COMPREHENSIVE postings but we can also arrange tailored packages to meet individual needs:

  • One COMPREHENSIVE business opportunity for 12 months - £245
  • Up to five COMPREHENSIVE business opportunities for 12 months £495
  • As many COMPREHENSIVE business opportunities as you like for 12 months £995

Prices are subject to VAT, where applicable.

We do not charge success fees.

Opportunities can be posted confidentially, with contact made through a box number. For each confidential OTC business opportunity posted, there is an additional charge of £100.

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