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New dry cough syrup for UK market [Opportunity for a buyer]
12 November 2018
A new dry cough syrup is available for licensing in the UK. The medicine is indicated for `treatment of oral or pharyngeal irritations and associated dry cough´.
Pulmocap Cough Syrups [Opportunity for a buyer]
31 January 2018
Phytomed is a young product engineering and development company that is seeking distributors for a portfolio of registered phytopharmaceutical cough and cold syrups in seven European countries.
Acne Serum (OTC medical device) [Opportunity for a buyer]
30 January 2018
An internationally operating healthcare company based in the Netherlands is seeking distributors for its Acne Serum which effectively and rapidly treats inflammation, redness, irritation and itch on all types of acne skin.
Food supplement for age related macular degeneration [Opportunity for a buyer]
10 November 2017
A successful UK-based company is seeking distributors globally for a food supplement for age related macular degeneration.
Loperamide 2mg ODT: MA granted [Opportunity for a buyer]
19 October 2017
Disphar announces the approval of Loperamide 2mg ODT. Reference product: Imodium/Lingual (McNeil) and Imodium Instant (McNeil) capsules. The product can be taken with or without water. Banana flavour.
Seeking nicotine gum, patches and spray [Opportunity for a seller]
17 October 2017
Looking to source and partner with companies to get nicotine patches, gum and spray for Australia and New Zealand.
Medical food/food supplement for IBS [Opportunity for a buyer]
25 August 2017
Calmino is seeking distributors in key markets around the world for a medical food/food supplement for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) offered under the brand name PROIBS. The product was launched in Sweden in 2009.
Distributors sought for hair loss brand [Opportunity for a buyer]
28 June 2017
We are seeking experienced distributors for a doctor-recommended brand against hair loss, which has been successful in Germany and international markets for more than 30 years. It contains a patented agent.
Halykoo - Research with babies in mind [Opportunity for a buyer]
09 February 2017
Halykoo is the first consumer line of baby healthcare products segmented by the age of the babies.
Distributors worldwide sought for innovative pain relief patch [Opportunity for a buyer]
03 January 2017
PosturePlast is seeking partners worldwide to distribute a patented, drug-free patch and products for headaches/migraine and osteoporosis fracture pain.
Unique combination product to ease menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and low mood. Coated tablet with 300mg Hypericum plus 6.4mg Cimicifuga. Comfortable once-a-day dosage.
Distributors sought for unique cold sore range [Opportunity for a buyer]
02 January 2017
A consumer health company based in the Netherlands is seeking distributors for its cold sore range, which offers a total and unique solution for sufferers. The range comprises a rescue SKU to treat and reduce symptoms in all four phases of a cold sore whilst shortening healing time, and a prevention SKU to block cold sore triggers whilst keeping the lips healthy.
Distributors sought for fungal skin infection treatment [Opportunity for a buyer]
02 January 2017
A consumer health company based in the Netherlands is seeking distributors for a fungal skin infection treatment that is supplied as a hygienic gel for treating fungal skin infections of the skin such as tinea cruris, tinea corporis and yeast infections.
Distributors sought for complete antifungal footcare range [Opportunity for a buyer]
02 January 2017
A consumer health company based in the Netherlands is seeking distributors for its antifungal foot care range, which is the only complete solution for athlete’s foot and/or fungal nail. The range consists of six SKUs offering unique, effective and easy-to-use brush applicators to treat fungal nail and athlete’s foot, and protective products to prevent fungal infections on feet and nails.
Weight management products seek distributor [Opportunity for a buyer]
02 January 2017
A consumer health company based in the Netherlands is seeking distributors for its weight management products designed to complement people’s lifestyle to help them become a healthy eater.
Unique OTC combination product indicated for mental exhaustion and related sleep disturbance. Coated tablet with 120mg Hypericum + 56mg Valeriana.
Attractive herbal cough and cold medicine for adults and children.
Sinusitis: Cough and cold soft gelatine capsules [Opportunity for a buyer]
21 December 2016
Very appealing, nature-based treatment for symptoms of bronchitis and sinusitis.
New antacid medicated gum [Opportunity for a buyer]
01 February 2016
New proprietary medicated chewing gum formulation containing alginate for the treatment of reflux, heartburn and indigestion. Vanadis offers the global rights to the product. Generic to Gaviscon.
Unique natural OTC indication: "For the reduction of heavy menstrual bleeding in women with regular menstrual cycles. Capsella (Shepherd's purse) rediscovered medicinal plant. Available for licensing in the EU. CTD marketing authorisation documentation ready for application
OTC treatment for premature and precipitant ejaculation [Opportunity for a buyer]
19 February 2013
World brand leader. Opportunity for exclusive country distributorship worldwide for an OTC treatment for premature and precipitant ejaculation.

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